Introduction to Clock Repair- One Day Workshop- Rod Lloyd

Ages: 13- Adult

Fascinated with clock and time keeping?  Learn what makes them tick.  This one day class is suited to those with little or no knowledge of clock repair.  It will demonstrate the basic skills with real clocks and all the tools involved in common clock repair problems. 

1-hour lunch break. Bag lunch suggested.

Min 2,  Max 10

Saturday, September 8,  9am – 4 pm

Cost $65 per student [plus $15 for the workbook at the time of the class]

Contact Hutchinson Parks and Rec to register


9-lesson Clock Repair Workshop- Rod Lloyd 
Ages: 13- Adult

Fascinated with clocks?  Learn what makes them tick.  Aquire the skills to maintain and repair your own clock collection.  

Bring your own spring or weight-driven clock and a group of clock enthusiasts will teach you the FUNdamentals skills to make them run.  Classes are in a hands-on environment, perfect for the novice hobbyist or budding collector. [clocks not suited to the beginner: cuckoo, chiming, anniversary, electric].

Min 3, Max 20

Mondays and Wednesdays, Sept 17 to Oct 15 6.30pm – 8.30 pm

Cost $75 per student [plus $15 for the workbook at the time of the class]

Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.
Work Book
Comprehensive Class workbook


Beginner movements
It is recommended you start with a single train - time only movement [one winding hole].  I discourage cuckoo clocks, anniversary clocks, french movements, balance wheel without a pendulum movements for the first year.  Three train / chiming movements [three winding holes] need three years plus experience.  

For more information contract the instructor Rod Lloyd

Member NAWCC [National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors]

Spring class will start April 3 for 10 weeks

Fall class will start Sept 25 for 10 weeks

Private Classes

Private Classes available at

Sterling KS

contact Rod for more information