9-lesson Clock Repair Workshop- Rod Lloyd 
Ages: 13- Adult

Fascinated with clocks?  Learn what makes them tick.  Aquire the skills to maintain and repair your own clock collection.  

Bring your own spring or weight-driven clock and a group of clock enthusiasts will teach you the FUNdamentals skills to make them run.  Classes are in a hands-on environment, perfect for the novice hobbyist or budding collector. [clocks not suited to the beginner: cuckoo, chiming, anniversary, electric].

Min 3, Max 20

Dates and time to be determined based on interest.

Cost $75 per student [plus $15 for the workbook at the time of the class]

Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.
Work Book
Comprehensive Class workbook



Beginner movements
It is recommended you start with a single train - time only movement [one winding hole].  I discourage cuckoo clocks, anniversary clocks, french movements, balance wheel without a pendulum movements for the first year.  Three train / chiming movements [three winding holes] need three years plus experience.  

For more information contract the instructor Rod Lloyd    rlloyd@clear-lake.com

Member NAWCC [National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors]

Private Classes

Private Classes available at

Sterling KS

contact Rod for more information